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Elites and Public Opinion: How Trump Trumps the Party

It’s mid-August, which is officially the second-worst time in the worst month for American culture or political news. (The worst time, of course, is late August.) So I’m doing what every writer on Earth is doing. Yep, MOAR TRUMP. Josh … Continue reading

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The Anti-Establishment, Outsider Election? Bah, Three Cheers for the Status Quo!

In the Washington Post we learn: Across the ideological spectrum, candidates are gaining traction by separating themselves from the political and economic system that many everyday Americans view as rigged against them. It’s taken for granted that this is the … Continue reading

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Debate Recap: A Wall With a Big Beautiful Door

Well that was entertaining television. Thematically, I agree with Brian Beutler, who noted that, “Republicans are still tripping over the long tail of the 2012 election.” In the ensuing three years there have been fits and starts of real policy … Continue reading

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