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The Courts Bail Out Congress: The BRACification of Government

With every court decision we get roughly half the country invoking "legislative deference" as the reason why the court should have ruled the way they wanted. There’s nothing wrong with that per se: Obviously sometimes the court really should defer … Continue reading

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Opinion Poll: 80% of Americans Admit They’re Bullshitting on 100% of Public Opinion Polls

I’ve written a bit about public surveys and polling questions that seem to reveal a large share of the populace harbors frankly insane ideas about, well, everything. The question about this stuff has always been, what causes these crazy responses? … Continue reading

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NSA Surveillance: Maybe if All Verizon Customers Didn’t Act so Damn Terroristy…

Today we have the revelation that the NSA has been collecting the telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon. These are not just the records of your weekly calls to your terrorist buddies in Yemen. Records of all … Continue reading

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