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The Town vs. The Country

This was implicit in my previous post, but many of the demographic tensions revealed in this election—young vs. old, white vs. non-white, immigrant vs. native—can be subsumed under what’s perhaps the main fault line in American politics: urban vs. rural. … Continue reading

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The GOP Doesn’t Have a Demographic Crisis, it has a Policy Crisis

You’ve probably read a dozen times already that the GOP lost because it has failed to recognize and address its growing demographic irrelevance. Simply put, a party that appeals exclusively to older white men from the country is not long … Continue reading

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Ballot Questions 2012: Promised Relief for Gays, Suicidals, Pot-heads, and Paupers/Idiots

My election day message is that it’s all about the ballot questions. The presidential race itself rarely reflects fundamental issues of liberty and freedom. Of course the candidates and campaigns love to frame the choice in these apocalyptic terms, but … Continue reading

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