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The Most Amazing Political Ad of 2012

A little while ago I wrote about Jonathan Haidt’s research on how liberals and conservatives appeal to completely opposite moral categories when they assess and interpret policy arguments, and that these divergent cognitive styles explain much about our rancorous and … Continue reading

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Who’s the "Real Romney"? Conservatives Don’t Care (Anymore), They Just Wanna Win

One fascinating question in the burgeoning social science field of Romneyology: Why was he so good last night, and why is he so bad in other venues and campaign circumstances? Why is he painfully awkward everywhere except a debate stage? … Continue reading

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Debate Punditry!

My quick reaction to the debate is that Romney cleaned the president’s clock. One thing I noticed was that their performances were an inversion of their respective party conventions. Romney completely erased his whole insipid convention theme about makers and … Continue reading

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