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U.S. Influence Doesn’t Depend on Personal Friendships Between Leaders

In this terrific NYT piece on the Obama Administration’s inside deliberations as the Arab Spring unfolded, we learn such fascinating tidbits as: President Obama came to regret his "muted response" during Iran’s mass street protests in 2009, and his more … Continue reading

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The Age of Outrage

Foreign consulates under assault and businesses attacked and burned down? State-condoned riots and protests? Frenzied mobs destroying private property? U.S. leaders urging calm? I’m talking, of course, about the territorial dispute between China and Japan, and the very frightening and … Continue reading

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The Attacks in Libya and Egypt: A Tale of Two Responses

Well the whole Middle East is on fire today. It is not credible at this point to think this is about some dopey fabricated film (the crazy details of which should be a film in itself). It’s an anti-Western grievance-fest. … Continue reading

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Prediction: Romney is Toast. So Are the Unemployed.

There’s a conventional wisdom today that Obama’s relatively stale, State-of-the-Uniony speech last night was evidence of the strategy of someone who’s winning. I think that’s right. No missteps, nothing super-quotable, and absolutely no sense of urgency to do something dramatic … Continue reading

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Poverty Tour 2012

From the Romneys’ basement flats and tuna fish dinners to Barack and Michelle’s rusty, hole-ridden car and dumpster coffee table, to the unimaginable number of politicians who seem to be grandchildren and great-grandchildren of illiterate coal miners: the fetishization of … Continue reading

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