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Romney’s Misdirected Noblesse Oblige

Ross Douthat argues that the best part of Ann Romney’s speech last night was when she dropped the absurd attempt at a common touch and instead, affirmed her husband’s immense privilege as the basis for his sense of civic responsibility … Continue reading

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Obama to Syrian Rebels: Help is Maybe on the Way, Depending on how Assad Chooses to Kill You

The president has announced conditions under which he would intervene militarily in Syria: President Barack Obama said he would have to rethink his current opposition to U.S. military engagement in Syria if the regime there were to use or move … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan: Bold, Courageous Champion of Republican Conventional Wisdom

I’ve been out of town the past two weeks with very limited internet access, and catching up on things, I’ve come to a provisional conclusion about the career of vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Since the announcement, the blogs have … Continue reading

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