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The Obamacare Ruling: Three Cheers for Slightly Disappointing Everybody! (Liberals Still Win Though)

So Chief Justice Roberts threaded the needle pretty masterfully yesterday, somehow managing to expand federal power by upholding the entire law, yet also curtail federal power by refusing to broaden the scope of the Commerce Clause. Half-a-loaf outcomes like this … Continue reading

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It’s Not on the Level

The title is blatantly stolen from this old post by Ezra Klein which really made an impression on me. It begins this way: There’s a political consultant I know who likes to illustrate the cynicism and dysfunction of our political … Continue reading

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Immigration and the Progressive Dilemma

Last week the Obama administration issued a directive which made anywhere from 800,000 to 1.4 million children of illegal immigrants eligible for work permits, and freed them from the fear of deportation. David Frum strongly disagreed with the policy, and … Continue reading

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This is Your Brain on Liberalism and Conservatism

I am not really interested in the politics of the Wisconsin recall election, but there’s one piece of data from the exit polling that’s pretty interesting: 33 percent of Wisconsin voters said someone in their household belongs to a labor … Continue reading

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