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The Fitful American Dream

Here is the chart that may sink President Obama’s reelection prospects: The median American salary fell to $26,364 in 2010, the lowest real level since 1999. (The wage data includes part-time workers which is why it’s so low.) And there … Continue reading

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Immigrants Do Jobs Americans Can’t Do

In the manifestations of anti-Semitism throughout history, there’s always been an unresolvable tension in the purported nature of the Jewish threat: Either the Jews are said to be a weak, racially inferior, unwashed infestation who deserve to be marginalized and … Continue reading

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The Limits of Presidential Boldness, Toughness, or Seriousness

The biggest distortion you get from watching presidential primary debates is the idea that the president of the United States is totally unconstrained by countervailing political forces, and that there is no veto point within the system that can possibly … Continue reading

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Are You Better Off Than You Were…in 1973?

Economists have been fretting about income stagnation in this country for a while. Tyler Cowen popularized it anew earlier this year with his ebook, titled, appropriately enough, The Great Stagnation. Here is Cowen explaining his thesis if you’re interested: Here’s … Continue reading

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