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The Individual and the Collective in Rick Perry’s Oeuvre

Rick Perry has deftly (and quite tardily) positioned himself as the reigning champion of states’ rights and the so-called Tenther movement, which holds that most everything the federal government does is unconstitutional and should be left to the states. In … Continue reading

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Kurdistan Prognosis: There Will Be Blood

I’ve been remiss in my self-assigned responsibility to be the generalist political blogosphere’s foremost unknown source of all things Kurdistan. I suppose this is similar in scope to the Flight of the Conchords’ ambition to be "New Zealand’s fourth most … Continue reading

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The Dream of the Forever Majority

Ross Douthat had a very astute column yesterday on something that’s been bothering me as well; how national politicians govern as if the dream of a permanant realignment of the electorate in their favor is always right around the corner: … Continue reading

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Housing Policy and Regulatory Barriers to Happiness

An interesting piece from AP on the emptying out of rural America: Rural America now accounts for just 16 percent of the nation’s population, the lowest ever. […] Barring fresh investment that could bring jobs…large swaths of the Great Plains … Continue reading

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The Surveillance State Abides

Now that the debt-ceiling nonsense is behind us (for three months or so), it’s a fine time to recall that no matter if federal spending be increased or slashed, taxes be hiked or cut, Democrats or Republicans comprise the majority, … Continue reading

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