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Happy Thanksgiving

For the last few years I’ve enjoyed revisiting this Thanksgiving piece by Christopher Hitchens. I looked for the link but it seems now to be entombed somewhere deep in the sepulchral bowels of the Wall Street Journal paywall. So I’m … Continue reading

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Republican Congressmen Call For Universal Egalitarian Utopia

It was always a delightful irony that the same Republican candidates who spent months campaigning against the scourge of government encroachment in our lives, and in particular the world-historical evil of federally subsidized health insurance, would soon find themselves with … Continue reading

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TSA and the Illusion of Security

Allow me to affiliate myself with Jeffrey Goldberg’s entire portfolio of writings on airport security, particularly on the inanity of the new back-scatter irradiation machines. A few weeks ago Goldberg chose to opt-out of this particular indignity and undergo a … Continue reading

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Freshman Congressional Orientation: A Little Slice of Pyongyang?

Well the freshman wave of congressional victors has just arrived in the nation’s capital for a whirlwind orientation, and the Washington Post has the details. As luck would have it, the NYT also has an orientation piece today; this one … Continue reading

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The Looming Threat of Rising Global Living Standards

David Brooks and George Will have very interesting companion pieces in the NYT and Newsweek respectively, both dealing with the dawning of the truly globalized information economy and America’s place in it. George Will makes the very important point that … Continue reading

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Common Sense? Up to a Point, Lord Copper…

In Evelyn Waugh’s hilarious journalism satire Scoop, the obsequious editor Mr. Salter is so terrified of his newspaper-magnate boss, Lord Copper, that he can’t bring himself to say “yes” or “no” to him. Instead, when Lord Copper is right, he … Continue reading

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Prediction Fiction

As you are bombarded with electoral predictions today, along with expert analysis purporting to predict how today’s events will change the behavior/incentives/hair style/diet of this or that politician, or herald the realignment or ascendancy or domination of this or that … Continue reading

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