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I’m Thomas Jefferson and I Approve This Message…

Via Yglesias: This is a very clever video from Reason that reimagines the presidential campaign of 1800 in duelling attack ads using the actual words of Jefferson and Adams and their partisan backers. It really does a good job of … Continue reading

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On Rand Paul’s Curious Inhumanity

I’ve written before about Rand Paul and the oddity of his ideological absolutism. The issue at the time was Paul’s belief that private businesses should have the right to engage in racial discrimination if they so choose. Paul finds such … Continue reading

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Welcome China, Our Rare Earth Metal Overlords

There’s been a spate of articles this week on the imminent—or is it ongoing?—world rare earth metal showdown. In one corner, China, which supplies 97% of all the world’s rare earths. In the other corner, anyone who is a little … Continue reading

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On Anwar al-Awlaki and the Targeted Killing of U.S. Citizens

I’ve written about the case of Anwar al-Awlaki before. I argued forcefully against the President’s assertion that he may kill an American citizen abroad with no due process or judicial review of any kind, on the basis of secret evidence. … Continue reading

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Weak Tea

I haven’t written much about the Tea Party movement because I think the whole thing is fleeting as a political force and thoroughly banal as a cultural one. That said, it’s good fun to play psychoanalyst, and I’ve certainly enjoyed … Continue reading

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